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Scientific Program

Oral Research Presentations A

Development of diagnostic tools and measurement instruments in SP

A1 Development and Validation of the Assessment of Competence of Speech Pathology Clinical Instructors Scale

Rozelle Francesca K. Bentulan (Philippines)

A2 Cross-cultural adaptation of the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination - Short Form in Filipino

Howell Henrian G. Bayona (Philippines)

A3 Speech Intelligibility of Typically-Developing Filipino-Language Dominant Children Aged 4 Years Old Enrolled in ECCD-monitored Daycare Centers in Metro Manila: A Secondary Data Analysis

Czarina Catherine B. Maximo (Philippines)

Oral Research Presentations B

Evidence-based practice and research in SLP

B1 Application of the ICF in clinical SLP practice: Preliminary results of thematic analysis in a scoping review

John Henderson C. Posadas (Philippines)

B2 Speech-language pathology research in the Philippines: Perspectives on potential future research directions

Ivan Paul M. Bondoc (Philippines)

B3 A qualitative profile of EBP among Filipino Speech- Language Pathologists

Michael C. Valdez (Philippines)

Oral Research Presentations C

Language in infants, toddlers, preschool children

C1 Sentence, Clause, and Phrase Structure Development in 18-36 Month Old Tagalog-Speaking Children:   Longitudinal Case Studies

Ellyn Cassey K. Chua (Philippines)

C2 Correctness of Verb Inflection Use Coding Aspect and Tense by Five 14 to 44-month-old Filipino Children: An Exploratory Descriptive Longitudinal Study

Jocelyn Christina B. Marzan (Philippines)

C3 A Secondary Data Analysis Examining Personal Narratives of Filipino Language Dominant 4:0 – 4:11 Year Old Children in ECCD Monitored Day Care Centers in Metro Manila

Czarina Catherine B. Maximo (Philippines)

C4 Measurements of Lexical Diversity and Density of Filipino Language Dominant Four-Year Old Children in ECCD- Monitored Day Care Centers in Metro Manila

Jonathan M. Gerona (Philippines)

Oral Research Presentations D

Aphasia and other neurogenic communication disorders

D1 Increasing Spontaneous Verbalization in Chronic Aphasia: Enhanced Protocol of Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy

Ma. Concepcion P. Segismundo (USA)

D2 Deficits in Tagalog Speakers with Agrammatism on Declarative Clauses

Ivan Paul M. Bondoc (USA)

D3 Digital Speech Therapy Solution for Stroke, Brain Injury and Progressive Neurological Disorders

Sheiladen M. Aquino (UK)

D4 Intervention for Agrammatic Production: Targeting Sentences with Adjectives for canonical and non-canonical sentence structures

Sheiladen M. Aquino (UK)

Oral Research Presentations E

Swallowing, feeding, and dysphagia

E1 Compliance of Dysphagia Recommendations of Hospitals in North-West of Ireland

Shieladen M. Aquino (UK)

E2 Reducing diet preparation errors in elderly patients with dysphagia at an acute hospital in Singapore

Pamela Yen Shi Oh (Singapore)

E3 Perceptions, Attitudes and Beliefs of Filipino Elderly Regarding Tube-Feeding

Carla Krishan A. Cuadro (Philippines)

Oral Research Presentations F

Service delivery models and innovation

F1 Starting a Voice Service: Pitfalls and Pearls from Singapore

Dharshini Manoharan (Singapore)

F2 Communication Disorders and other Disabilities and the Community

Joyce Anne Ponciano-Villafania (Philippines)

F3 Involvement of People with Aphasia in Training Hospital Staff on Effective Communication

        Sheiladen M. Aquino (UK)

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