Resources (for the public)

  • AAC Brochure
  • This brochure educates on what augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is, clarifying common misconceptions surrounding it, and explaining the benefits of its use. The brochure also provides a referral contact should the reader be interested in availing to AAC services.

  • AAC SIG Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1 October 2021
  • This pdf file contains the released newsletter of the augmentative & alternative communication (AAC) special interest group which recaps the group’s activities and researchers from April 2020 to October 2021. Included in the newsletter as well are some free AAC resources.

  • Groups that may benefit from SLP services
This pdf file contains the descriptions of the population groups or communities that SLPs usually work with. For further information on their descriptions, respective references and links are included for each description.
  • PASP Filipino SLP Survey
  • The Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists (PASP) conducted a web-based survey of Filipino speech language pathologists (SLP) during the first quarter of 2019. This survey aimed to describe the current characteristics and work profile of Filipino SLPs and identify issues affecting the practice of the profession in the country. A total of 277 individuals participated in the survey, including 24 Filipino SLPs working overseas.

  • RA 11249 - Speech Language Pathology Act

This is the pdf file of the act that expounds upon the recognition of speech language pathology (SLP) practice in the Philippines. This includes the establishment of an SLP regulatory board, licensure examination and registration, practice regulations, and government funding provision for the profession.

This is the pdf file of the resolution granting the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists the interim Accredited Integrated Professional Organization (AIPO) of the Speech-Language Professionals for one year. As interim AIPO, the PASP shall have the same rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities appurtenant to being an AIPO. This resolution will help facilitate our members' application for Licensure without Examination upon the release of the implementing rules and regulation.   

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