I warmly welcome everyone to the 3rd Biennial Convention of the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists!

It is more than fitting, with the year and a half that we have had, that this year’s convention coincides with PASP’s 30th, or Pearl, anniversary.

The journey of the speech pathology profession in the Philippines is similar to the development of the pearl. Our past mimics the slow and purposeful formation of the pearl, where they are formed when an irritant is introduced. The oyster must work persistently, layer by layer, for a lengthy period of time, to cover it and smoothen it out. We started with our nation’s huge need for help for healing, and while PASP’s growth may have been gradual, we have been persistent and guided by our higher purpose. At present, we are similar to the varieties of colors, shapes and sizes of pearls. Our therapists, their specialties, and our clientele are so diverse and fascinating. Pearls are different from all precious gems and metals, because it is the only one that is organic in its origin. Our growth and future in the profession is very much thriving and full of life and possibilities, and I am hopeful that this convention will be able to present that. Speakers and participants from all over the country and the globe will converge through the live digital format to share our experiences, latest innovations, and even the adaptations and modernization we learned because of the pandemic.

A pearl is formed and nurtured by something alive so that being may continue to cope and live, a being that is not only given an irritant internally, but is constantly at the mercy of the unpredictable and unforgiving oceans. Even though the pandemic has tossed and upheaved us, I am confident that we will continue to thrive like pearls.

May we, through our vocation of service, our passion for learning, and our continuing celebration of human connection, emerge through this together.

Suselyn E. Pascual, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP

PASP President 2020-2021

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