Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I am already a Certified Regular Member. How come my name does not appear in the list of SPs in the website?
Have you registered in our site? If not, then you have to log in to our website  “JOIN US” button is in the upper left corner of the page. Click “JOIN US”, register, submit your requirements to and pay your dues to update your status. Your name will appear in the list of certified Speech and Language Pathologists after the Committee on Membership has approved your application.

  • I renewed my membership last 2013 and I was told then that my membership status will expire in 2015. How come I am being asked to renew and pay my dues?
A few changes were announced during our last General Assembly such as our renewal period, (i.e. from every two years to yearly) and membership fees (i.e. P1,000 every year).  Because of these changes, your renewal period was adjusted to 2014 and the fees were also adjusted accordingly. The adjustments will be shown to you once you log in. 

  • I would like to apply as a Lifetime Member but I could not find the said category in the website. Why?
The lifetime member category was already removed from the roster of membership categories. Instead, we will be awarding this prestigious title to deserving members who have met the qualifications set. 

  • I already registered online and paid my dues for renewal application. Now, the membership committee is asking me to submit a certificate of a seminar I have attended. However, I was not able to attend any seminar this year or last year. What can I do about it?
    The association has always believed in the value of continuing education which is the reason why we require our members to attend at least one SLP-related seminar every year. Because this requirement was only strictly implemented last year, you may just send us a copy of the certificate of the latest seminar you have attended. But, everyone will be required to submit a certificate of seminar attended within renewal period every time he/she renews. For those who have attended seminars/workshops sponsored by PASP, there is no need to send a scanned copy of your certificate, just indicate the title and date of the seminar that you have attended and we will check our database.

    • How can I pay my membership dues?

      You can pay your membership dues through:

        • ·       Bank Deposit
      Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
      Account Name: Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists, Inc.
      Account Type: Current Account (CA)
      Account Number: 0271-0389-09
        • ·       Paypal 
        • ·       Pay through our Treasurer, Mr. Iric Kevin Santos during the General Assembly, please make sure to ask for an Official Receipt.

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