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Interested applicants must first accomplish a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the following details:

      • Name of institution
      • Mission, vision, and goals of the institution
      • Why the institution intends to be PASP UNITES-accredited

      The LOI must likewise contain the following signatories:

      • Yours: SLP Department Head
      • Noted by: Clinic/Institution Owner/President/Medical Director

      Once the LOI has been accomplished, scan the letter with the complete signatories and save it in a .PDF format with the following file name: “UNITESApplication_NameOfInstitution_LOI” (e.g. UNITESApplication_ABC Therapy_LOI)

      Send an email to pasp.unites@gmail.com to signify intent, with the subject “UNITES Application – [Name of Institution Applying]” (e.g. “UNITES Application – ABC Therapy”). Attach the LOI.

      Once intent email is received, the applicant shall receive an e-mail response from the UNITES Accreditation Board providing the link for the online application form. This form should only be accomplished by the HEAD of the SLP Department of the institution. In the form, the applicant is to upload the following documents:


        • Your institution’s latest BUSINESS PERMIT*;

        • Proof of eligibility to practice/certificates for EACH SLP providing specialised services (e.g. PROMPT, Bobath, AVT, etc.)

        • Proof of payment/deposit slip for the application processing fee**

          1. BRACKET 1: PhP 1,500 for institutions with 1-5 SPs in the institution  
          2. BRACKET 2: PhP 3,000 for institutions with 6-10 SPs in the institution
          3. BRACKET 3: PhP 5,000 for institutions with 11 or more SPs in the institution
        • Image of the Wall of Credentials in your institution where you display all the certifications, diplomas, or other relevant credentials for EACH SLP providing services in your institution.

      *Established institutions (i.e. government hospitals, private tertiary hospitals, universities, etc.) are not required to submit SEC Registration/ & Business Permits.

      **Application processing fees are intended to cover for the following:

        1. Spot checking / visiting and assessing the site (40% of the application fees) – This includes the costs for the transportation, honoraria for the evaluators, and other logistical costs. Conducting spot checking or site visits are part of the PASP UNITES Accreditation process as a way of determining if clinics are maintaining their compliance with the terms/requirements set. 
        2. Marketing and website fee (30% of the application fees) – This includes the costs related to keeping and updating the clinic’s marketing or information materials in the PASP website and in the Directory of Accredited Centers. This directory is visible to the general public, and as such serves as a way for accredited centers to advertise their services. The website needs to be updated every accreditation cycle.
        3. Administration Fee (30% of the application fees) – The administration fee would cover the costs incurred by PASP for reviewing the credentials/requirements submitted by institutions (e.g. verifying the membership status of SLP staff in PASP). 

        For institutions with multiple branches, please note that EACH branch is required to pay the corresponding application processing fee.

        Please also make sure that ALL the SLPs practicing in your institution are either Graduate Members or Certified Regular Members of PASP. Only institutions with PASP-recognised SLPs are eligible to apply for PASP Unites.

        Applicant shall accomplish the online application form, and once submitted, would receive a confirmation email providing the APPLICATION NUMBER. This number will be used as basis for slot in the accreditation process. First come, first served. Application will run from FEBRUARY to MARCH of every year.

        Application shall then undergo review by the UNITES Accreditation Board from APRIL to MAY of every year. Results would be released on the first week of JUNE every year. Applicants will be notified via e-mail of the results of the review.

        © 2014 - 2016 Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists.