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    It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop
    Manila, Philippines in December 2018
    It Takes Two to Talk® 
    on December 7-9, 2018
    It Takes Two to Talk is a 3-day workshop that offers hands-on, interactive training on parent-implemented, family-centered early language intervention for Speech Pathologists who work with young children with language delays (birth to 5 years) and their families.

    You’ll learn effective, research-based strategies for involving parents in the early intervention process to ensure the best possible outcomes for their child.

    When you take It Takes Two to Talk, you get:

    • 2.2 ASHA Continuing Education Credits or 22 Professional Development Hours

    • An effective teaching methodology for coaching parents to use responsive interaction strategies

    • An overview of learning styles and principles of adult education and their application to facilitating parents' learning to be effective language facilitators

    • The stages of learning in terms of self-awareness, attitude and behavior change and how to adapt the use of coaching and videotaping with feedback to each stage in order to facilitate parents' learning and application of strategies

    • Certification to lead the evidence-based It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delay

    • An overview of It Takes Two to Talk's three clusters of responsive interaction strategies - child-centered, interaction-promoting, and language modeling strategies

    • A comprehensive set of resources to use within your It Takes Two to Talk Programs, as well as in your everyday work with families (valued at $270)

    • Access to the member-only It Takes Two to Talk Parent workbook designed specifically for use in one-to-one therapy

    • A one-year, renewable Hanen membership offering ongoing opportunities to enhance your clinical skills

    Registration Fee: 1,150 USD (~62,000 PHP)

    Bank Details:
    Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
    Account Name: Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists
    Account Type: Dollar Savings Account
    Account Number: 1224-0031-41

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