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    • To promote Institutions with qualified and competent Speech and Language Pathologists.
    • To ensure provision of optimal quality of services to clients.
    • To provide an avenue for protecting speech pathologists, institutions, and clients against factors and/or individuals affecting quality of service.


    • Inclusion in the PASP Directory of Accredited Institutions, which would display:
      • The institution’s Name, Address, and Contact Information;
      • The Institution’s Logo;
      • The services being offered;
      • The client population being served; and
      • The link to the institution’s website/ Facebook page (if applicable)
    • Inclusion in the PASP mailing list, to receive prioritized notifications for announcements, events, continuing education activities, and other matters pertinent to the institution
    • Avail discounted rates in PASP events for the institution’s speech pathologists, other therapists/specialists, and clients (for applicable activities)
    • Issuance of a Certificate of Accreditation from PASP


    An institution that wants to become accredited with UNITES must:

    • Be a legally-registered and compliant entity;
    • Be operational for a minimum of one year upon application; and
    • Have a roster of SPs who are all under any of the PASP membership classifications


    • Interested applicants must send an e-mail to pasp.unites@gmail.com to signify intent, with the subject “UNITES Application – [Name of Institution Applying]” (e.g. “UNITES Application – ABC Therapy”).
    • Once intent e-mail is received, the applicant shall receive an e-mail response from the UNITES Accreditation Board providing the link for the online application form.
    • Applicant shall accomplish the online application form, and once submitted, would receive a confirmation e-mail providing the APPLICATION NUMBER and the additional documents needed for review. These documents are (but not limited to):
      • The accomplished UNITES CONSULTANT INFORMATION SHEET in PDF format;
      • The scanned copy of the applying institution’s SEC REGISTRATION;
      • The scanned copy of the applying institution’s LATEST BUSINESS PERMIT; and
      • Scanned copy/ies of PROOF for each consultant’s declared practice specialization (Certification, etc.)
    • Application shall undergo review by the UNITES Accreditation Board, and would release results after ten (10) working days. Applicants will be notified via e-mail of the results of the review.

    Validity, Appeals, Application Cycle

    • UNITES Accreditation shall be valid for one (1) year upon approval, with inclusive dates reflected in the issued certification.
    • Appeals for denied applications must be submitted to the Accreditation Board five (5) working days after issuance of the decision.
    • Applications for UNITES shall follow a quarterly cycle (February – May – August – November).
    • PASP and the UNITES Accreditation Board has the right to revoke accreditation, following investigation and confirmation of a violation in its terms.

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