Meet your dedicated PASP Officers for 2014 - 2016.

Weng Ynion 

Ma. Rowena A. Ynion, MAEd, CSP-PASP


Passion for the profession is an understatement for Weng, who has been practicing for 21 years. After obtaining her BS SP degree from UP-CAMP in 1993, she pursued her post-graduate studies in UP Diliman as a University Scholar, leading to her completion and making her the first speech pathologist in the Philippines to obtain a Masters Degree in Reading Education. Weng is currently the Program Director of Trails Center for Children, where she mentors young therapists and sees clients. She is also the founder of VolunTrails, an outreach program providing free therapy services to indigent special children in Legazpi City, San Pedro, Laguna, and Dasmariñas, Cavite. When she’s not “Teacher” or “Ma’am”, she spends her time being a devoted and loving wife, and enjoys crafts, cooking, and baking. Having served the association for two consecutive terms in the past, she returns with her blazing passion in tow, to make PASP intensified, more unified, and ready for the future.

Bernice Lopez 

Lourdes Bernadette G. Lopez, CSP-PASP


Bernice, as all of us would call her, graduated Cum Laude from UP-CAMP in 2011.  She has devoted three years of her practice in various institutions in Batangas, and has recently started her role as an academician at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in Dasmariñas, Cavite.  If not doing SP-related activities, Bernice indulges in arts and crafts, a clear indicator of how detailed and meticulous she can be as PASP Secretary.  Bernice is a traveller-at-heart, and wishes to tour the whole Philippines and the world in the future. 

Jonah Jerome P. Katalbas, CSP-PASP

Chairperson, Committee for Membership

Jay is a current faculty member of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology of the University of Santo Tomas. Prior to that, he was the previous chief SP at the UP-PGH Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. A techie by heart, he strives to infuse the use of technologies in teaching and clinical practice.  He is also a foodie and likes to search for new mouth-watering cuisines as his adventures.     

Sam Sanchez 

Samantha Mae Sanchez, CSP-PASP

Chairperson, Committee for Finance & Special Projects

Sam was awarded Best Student Clinician when she finished her BS SP degree from UP-CAMP in 2010.  For four years, she has focused her work on pediatrics, serving as Administrative Head of the Speech Department of Communicare Center for Children, Inc. in Las Piñas, and as a consultant in Center for Goals in Alabang.  Sam has recently received her certification for Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration (MNRI), making her one of two speech pathologists to be trained in this field in the whole country. When she's not "Teacher Sam", she loves to travel and take photos; she considers singing and hosting as her "work outside of work", and dreams to sing in Broadway or a Disney movie one day.

Susie Pascual 

Suselyn E. Pascual, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP

Vice President / Treasurer

If we were to call on people that have shown dedication to the profession and the association, Susie is sure to be on the front line.  A graduate of both BS Speech Pathology and Master in Rehabilitation Science - Speech Pathology, Susie has dedicated her career not only to serve those in need, but also to further improve and uphold the SP profession in the country.  When not seeing patients, Susie teaches both undergraduate and graduate students in CAMP, supervises interns at Core Skills Therapy Center, where she is a partner and finance officer, and gives regular Early Intervention Seminars to parents of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines.  Susie has received her training for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT), and for Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration (MNRI).
Dane Raymundo 

Danielle Joanne C. Raymundo, CSP-PASP

Chairperson, Committee for Continuing Education

Dane is currently the Program Director of Kidspeak Therapy Center, and a Clinical Supervisor at the PGH -Ear Unit.  Apart from graduating from UP-CAMP in 2006, Dane has taken units in Normal Language, Aural Rehabilitation, and Clinical Teaching, also from UP-CAMP.  She has also completed her Auditory-Verbal Therapy Intermediate Level from the Hear and Say Centre in Australia, and continues to serve and advocate for individuals with hearing impairment.  Outside of her SP and AVT roles, Dane takes time to do things she's also passionate about: paddling for the Philippine Dragonboat Rowing Team and Writing.
Jeri Casas 

Maria Jerilee F. Casas, CSP-PASP

Chairperson, Committee for Professional Standards & Ethics

Jeri is a highly regarded practitioner in pediatric speech pathology, with good reason. After obtaining her BS Speech Pathology degree from the UP-College of Allied Medical Professions in 2003, she ventured directly into working with children, and is currently the President of Therapeutic Intervention for Kids (Thinkids), as well as a consultant for both Therabilities Inc., and St. Luke’s Neurodevelopmental Center. Jeri is the first Filipino to become a Certified Instructor for “Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets” (PROMPT), making her a key resource person for motor speech disorders, not just in the country, but also in various places in the world. A self-confessed thrill-seeker, Jeri finds time to travel and welcome new adventures; something that keeps her revitalized and ready to serve the profession and those in need.
Ken Tort

Ken Kristoffer A. Tort, CSP-PASP

Chairperson, Committee for External Affairs

A staunch advocate of the profession, Ken has been practicing in various roles and settings as a Speech Pathologist for 7 years.  He is part of the first batch of lateral entrants into the BS SP program of UP-CAMP, and has worked as an academician, advocate, resource person, clinician, and researcher.  Currently, he practices in pediatrics and is part of the global research team for Genetics and Cleft under the University of Pittsburgh and the UP-National Institutes of Health.  A testament to being a Speech Pathologist, Ken is known to be always ready to engage in conversation, whatever the time and place may be.

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