Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees looks after the overall welfare of the association. The Board actively promotes the objectives of the association and ensures that it operates in accordance with the programs and policies established by the By-laws.    

Ting Quiason 

Ma. Cynthia R. Quiason, CSP-PASP

Ma'am Ting is the pioneer that started it all. As founding President of the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists, she opened a venue where we could all learn and grow together, collaborate with each other in ensuring that we continue to improve in our profession, and that every Filipino who needs our help may be assisted by providing quality service. She laid the foundations for the association, which we have grown to respect and love today. Her career speaks of years of dedicated service, not just to clients who need speech and language intervention, but also to her fellow speech pathologists, paving ways to uplift and constantly improve the profession. A graduate of BS Speech Pathology from UP-CAMP in 1985, Ma’am Ting’s 29 years as a speech pathologist encompasses advocating for the profession in various events and seminars, providing services to both pediatric and adult clients, which she continues to do as a Senior Consultant at Speech Ladder Therapy Center and as the co-owner of the Center for Exploration and Experiential Development, and educating generations of future speech pathologists, formerly in the UP-College of Allied Medical Professions, and currently at the UST-College of Rehabilitation Sciences. Ma'am Ting continues to be dedicated to the association's cause, being active in the various activities of PASP. Truly, a model of high standards for current and future speech pathologists!

Joyce Marzan 

Jocelyn Christina B. Marzan, PhD, CCC-SLP 

Ma’am Joyce’s career of 28 years as a speech pathologist is a testament to passion, determination, and service. After graduating in 1986 from the University of the Philippines College of Allied Medical Professions (UP CAMP) with her degree in BS Speech Pathology, she pursued her post-graduate studies in New York University and obtained a Master of Arts in Speech Pathology and Audiology in 1990. She completed her CFY at the Kennedy Child Study Center in Manhattan and obtained the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She also completed an MA Psychology degree in 2009, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology in 2013, both from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Ma’am Joyce has been a part of the UP CAMP faculty since 1991, and was the Chairperson of the Department of Speech Pathology for several years. Currently, she continues her service to the profession in the academe, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students, while also serving as the current College Secretary of the UP College of Allied Medical Professions. Ma’am Joyce ceaselessly advocates for the SP profession in the country, and inspires practitioners to always remember that, despite the irregularities and uncertainties of our nation, it is worth all our effort to make a difference in the lives of the clients we work with.

Cyndy Villaraza 

Cynthia O. Villaraza, MAEd, CSP-PASP

Prior to graduating from the UP-College of Allied Medical Professions in 1986 with her degree in BS Speech Pathology, Ma’am Cyndy had already obtained her degree in AB Speech and Drama from UP Diliman in 1980, which led her to notable jobs in public relations, media, modeling, and advertising. As a speech pathologist with a career spanning 30 years and counting, she became a faculty member of UP-CAMP for 13 years, where she served as Chairperson of the Department of Speech Pathology for several years. She is a Certified Esophageal Speech Instructor, obtained from Gunreikai Association, Tokyo, Japan in 1988, and a holder of a Master’s degree in Special Education from UP Diliman in 1991. Ma’am Cyndy has pioneered a handful of innovations, including the formation of RRDC, which we currently know as The Clinic for Therapy Services (CTS), and the first speech pathology clinical services in Speechpower. She has also appeared numerous times in many television programs, all in the name of speech pathology. Currently, she devotes her time as Program Director of Speech Ladder Therapy Center, continuing her service and advocacy for the profession.

Gigi Mojica 

Ma. Georgina D. Mojica, MHPEd, CSP-PASP

Ma’am Gigi’s devotion to the SP profession is highlighted throughout the 26 years that she has been practicing as a clinician, advocate, educator, and administrator. She has received her degree in BS Speech Pathology from UP-CAMP in 1988, and went on to finishing her Master’s degree in Health Professions Education (MHPEd) from the UP National Teachers’ Training Center for the Health Professions (NTTC-HP) in 1994. A former faculty of the UP College of Allied Medical Professions and former Head of the Speech Pathology Section of UP-PGH, Ma’am Gigi currently serves as Assistant Dean at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences in the University of Santo Tomas, as well as a member of the Technical Committee for Speech Language Pathology Education of the Commission on Higher Education. A testament to her passion and devotion to speech pathology, she has been awarded as one of UP-CAMP’s 50 Most Outstanding Alumni (CAMP Big 50), and as UST SLP Interns’ Choice for Most Outstanding Teacher for Applied Sciences. Ma’am Gigi, amidst all her commitments and accomplishments, has never ceased her support, advocacy, and love for PASP, and continues to inspire all of us to be grateful and find ways to give back to the profession we all love.

Bal Ligot 

Fernando Alejandro C. Ligot, MHPEd, CSP-PASP

Fernando Alejandro C. Ligot, “Sir Bal” to most of us, obtained his Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology degree in 1988 from the UP College of Allied Medical Professions and his Master in Health Professions Education degree from the UP National Teachers’ Training Center for the Health Professions in 1997. His career spanning 26 years mainly focused on the academe, being a faculty member of the UP-CAMP Department of Speech Pathology and former Chairperson of it’s Department of Speech Pathology. He is a recipient of several prestigious recognitions, including “Outstanding SP Faculty” in 2003 from UP-CAMP, “Outstanding Faculty for Extension Service” in 2006 from UP Manila, “Outstanding Volunteer for 2013” from Operation Smile Philippines, and as one of the 50 Outstanding Alumni of the College of Allied Medical Professions in 2012. Outside of teaching, Sir Bal volunteers for Operation Smile Philippines, helping individuals with cleft lip and palate.

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