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Message from the President

Weng YnionIt has been quite an exciting ride for the PASP officers for almost two months now. As of October 8, we have been doubling our efforts to accomplish our tasks . 

I would like to start this message by thanking the entire team: Susie, Bernice, Paul, Aileen, Dane, Jeri, Sam and Ken. I know we all have worked hard to give our members great news this December. It is such a delight working with all of you! I also would like to thank the Board of Trustees whose steady guide is a source of motivation and strength. 

With the current changes in our association, we hope that our members will understand why such revisions were necessary. We have to keep up with the current trends to meet our association’s changing demands. We will always be adaptable when we consider the overall welfare of the association. 

Your set of Officers will always ask WHY things have to be done. When faced with endeavors that other people say can’t be done, we will also be brave enough to ask, WHY NOT? 

We have great things planned for the next two years and we know we can achieve our dreams with the continued support from our members. We are on a roll and our passion fuels our endeavors. 

Together with our unified and proactive members, let us keep PASP intensified! 

Weng Arao-Ynion

PASP President, 2014 - 2016

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